Working aloft & at Height.
Access tracks and padeyes.
Load Testing, Installation, Refit.
Consultancy and Training

Geetech are specialists in the inspection, load testing, servicing & repair of tracks and padeyes on yachts, including installation and training.

Working aloft and at height is a necessary requirement for yacht maintenance and wash-downs.

This type of work carries a high level of risk, and it is imperative, both for the safety of the crew, and to comply with regulations, that the tracks & padeyes /hard points are professionally installed, tested and maintained.

Comprehensive and frequent training for users of the External Access Systems is also vital.

Geetech’s approved engineers can inspect and load test the yacht’s existing tracks, padeyes and fall protection equipment.

In the event of non- compliance, we have the experience and capability to bring your vessel up to the latest flag/ class regulations.

Load Tests and Examinations

Thorough Examinations & Load Testing of tracks, padeyes and PPE

Annex B Compliance

Retrospective dynamic and static testing to meet REG requirements. Class and Flag approved reports.


Approved installer of tracks and padeyes for Harken Industrial, Ronstan & Antal systems

Consultancy and Training

Consultancy for tailored positioning of equipment and training onboard

Load Tests and Examinations

We undertake statutory examinations and load testing of:

  • Access Tracks & Car Systems
  • Padeyes/ Anchor Points
  • All PPE Climbing Equipment such as Harnesses, Lanyards, Fall Arresters, etc

Our Load Tests and Examinations are performed in line with Flag and Manufacturer’s requirements.

Approved Certificate & report with all photos provided.

As approved installers, whenever we see a problem onboard  we can give you a method to repair/ improve this rather than just a pass or fail on a certificate.

We often carry all the necessary equipment to repair all the small issues that we usually see during testing.

We also have the experience of rope access, so we are well positioned to give advice on rope access techniques and most appropriate equipment to improve access/safety or cause less damage to the vessel when working aloft & at height on awkward shaped vessels.

Annex B Compliance Services

In January 2019, the latest revision of the Red Ensign Group Large Yacht Code came into force.

The new REG Yacht Code has what is known as a ‘retrospective application clause’. This means that there are sections within the new regulations that must be applied not only to new vessels, but also to existing yachts built prior to 2019.

If you are flying a Red Ensign flag and are certified to any of the earlier versions of the yacht code (LY3, PYC etc.), the new REG Yacht Code affects you.

Geetech can guide you through the process of ensuring that your access track systems fulfil the new regulations.

Our engineers have the technical skills and the relevant legislation knowledge to successfully deliver this complex procedure, ensuring full compliance of your track installation with the Yacht Code.

Geetech’s approach to Annex B compliance


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Manufacture of Sample Test Piece

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Sign Off

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Installation of Access Tracks and Padeyes

Geetech are approved installers of Harken Industrial, Ronstan and Antal access track systems and padeyes.

All of our installations are approved to the latest Red Ensign Annex B Code and EN795:2012 as fall arrest anchorage devices.

Our process includes an approved pre-installation Mock up sample testing report witnessed and signed off by flag surveyor.

We have many pre-approved installation processes to suit most substrate materials and their thicknesses including the fixing type and size.

We are approved installers for the following track manufactures

Consultancy and Training

Every yacht’s design and shape is subtly different and we’ve had the experience of working with some of the most challenging designs for working aloft.

We often encounter exterior design features that prevent the crew from safely going aloft.

In such cases we recommend installing additional padeyes or extending/repositioning the track to allow a safe transition.

We have the experience to view a vessels General Arrangement drawings and highlight any potential areas to be improved upon and tailor the positioning Access Tracks Padeyes & Mast Steps to suit the yachts design.

For New Build Projects we offer consultancy for optimized positioning of Access Tracks, Padeyes, Mast steps.

We also have the experience of rope access, so we are well positioned to give advice on rope access techniques and most appropriate equipment to improve access / safety or cause less damage to the vessel when working aloft & at height on awkward shaped vessels.

PPE Equipment selection list is provided to the yacht according to their design, shape, material, access point, number of crew working aloft at the same time.

Geetech is official dealer for  Professional climbing gear together with many other brands and can advise you and supply at competitive prices.

Training covers:

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